Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some Institute Fun and Memories!!

Good morning, everyone! Last night was a super blast! I got a call from one of my friends, Rachelle, and she asked me to check out an institute class with her. Seeing how we have some chemistry with each other (we're like half-siblings!), I couldn't refuse. When I got there, she was being a mean head and sat next to someone else during class. Oh well, life is tough, right? And during the class, I noticed that the girl next to me looked very familiar! We spent the whole time almost trying to figure out where we've met, and turns out we were partners during summer school two years ago! WOW!!

Anyways, back on topic. So Rachelle and I were talking after class and all and then another class finished and people started coming out. All of the sudden out of nowhere I hear, "STERLIINNNGGG!!!!" And here I am, a poor little defenseless weak insert-other-smalltalk-words-for-weak-here boy and I'm getting mauled by a girl!! All I knew that was going through my head was "AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" But it was only Jessica Cox, one of my super awesomest bestest friends ever!! So then we were all talking together and then I hear ANOTHER familiar voice!! And Jessica's class' teacher was Bro. Peterson, the Mountain View High seminary principal! I was all wow!! This is because he taught my A Hour class Jr. year, so that was super exciting to see him again.

And that, my friends, is why bacon is not always included in a low-calorie dietary plan!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day One of Blogging!!

Good morning world! Today is marking the first day ever that I have created a blog! I've had MySpace (uber crap), Facebook (it's still around), and seen other people's blogs, but I never thought I would make my own. It's pretty easy to customize and play around with, especially when my older sister, April, is showing me all about what to do. EVERYONE should check hers out, it's ADORABLE!! Look April up on my family and friends links :) . Oh!! And I'll be posting here in a few minutes about a HUGE (well, not really...) fire that caught the hotel that we're staying at right now on fire!! That's right, FIRE!!! Even though it wasn't that huge, it was still pretty fun taking video of the whole thing and a lot of useless interviews of nobody important. I'll be uploading those, too.